NEW Starter for John Deere S240, X300, X304, X305, X310, …, X390, X394 Lawn Tractor; 410-21086, MIA11761, MIA11949, MIA11984, MIA12214, MIA12455, MIA12485, MIA12926; LESTER 5954
April 15, 2022
NEW Starter for JOHN DEERE 130, GX75, RX75, SRX75, SX75 Lawn Mower; 410-52068, AM102628, 21163-2068; LESTER 18403
April 15, 2022
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NEW Starter for Kawasaki FR541V, FR651V-AS00, FR730V-FS00, FS481V-AS00, FX691V Lawn Tractor; 410-21086, 21163-0711, 21163-0714, 21163-0727, 21163-0743, 21163-0749, 21163-7024, 21163-7034, 21163-7035; LESTER 5954






Unit Type Starter
Part Type Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD)
Voltage 12
POWER 0.600 kw/0.805HP
Rotation Counter Clockwise
GEAR OD 1.252″/ 31.800mm
LENGTH 6.673″/169.500 mm
REGISTRY OD 2.437″/61.900mm



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Part Number & Interchanges

Manufacturer Name  Manufacturer Part #
J&N 410-21086
JOHN DEERE MIA11761, MIA11949, MIA11984, MIA12214, MIA12455, MIA12485, MIA12926
KAWASAKI 21163-0711, 21163-0714, 21163-0727, 21163-0743, 21163-0749, 21163-7024, 21163-7034, 21163-7035


Kawasaki FR541V 15H
Kawasaki FR600V-AS06
Kawasaki FR651V-AS00
Kawasaki FR651V-AS04
Kawasaki FR651V-AS05
Kawasaki FR651V-AS06
Kawasaki FR651V-AS08
Kawasaki FR651V-AS09
Kawasaki FR651V-AS10
Kawasaki FR651V-AS11
Kawasaki FR651V-AS12
Kawasaki FR651V-AS13
Kawasaki FR651V-AS16
Kawasaki FR651V-AS17
Kawasaki FR651V-AS18
Kawasaki FR651V-AS19
Kawasaki FR651V-AS26
Kawasaki FR651V-AS27
Kawasaki FR651V-AS28
Kawasaki FR651V-AS29
Kawasaki FR651V-BS00
Kawasaki FR651V-BS05
Kawasaki FR651V-BS06
Kawasaki FR651V-BS08
Kawasaki FR651V-BS09
Kawasaki FR651V-BS10
Kawasaki FR651V-BS11
Kawasaki FR651V-BS12
Kawasaki FR651V-BS13
Kawasaki FR651V-BS16
Kawasaki FR651V-BS17
Kawasaki FR651V-BS18
Kawasaki FR651V-BS19
Kawasaki FR651V-BS25
Kawasaki FR651V-CS00
Kawasaki FR651V-CS05
Kawasaki FR651V-CS06
Kawasaki FR651V-CS08
Kawasaki FR651V-CS09
Kawasaki FR651V-CS10
Kawasaki FR651V-CS11
Kawasaki FR651V-CS12
Kawasaki FR651V-CS13
Kawasaki FR651V-CS17
Kawasaki FR651V-DS00
Kawasaki FR651V-DS06
Kawasaki FR651V-DS09
Kawasaki FR651V-DS10
Kawasaki FR651V-ES00
Kawasaki FR651V-FS00
Kawasaki FR691V 24H
Kawasaki FR691V-AS00
Kawasaki FR691V-AS04
Kawasaki FR691V-AS05
Kawasaki FR691V-AS06
Kawasaki FR691V-AS07
Kawasaki FR691V-AS08
Kawasaki FR691V-AS09
Kawasaki FR691V-AS10
Kawasaki FR691V-AS12
Kawasaki FR691V-AS14
Kawasaki FR691V-AS15
Kawasaki FR691V-AS17
Kawasaki FR691V-AS18
Kawasaki FR691V-AS19
Kawasaki FR691V-AS22
Kawasaki FR691V-AS24
Kawasaki FR691V-AS25
Kawasaki FR691V-BS00
Kawasaki FR691V-BS06
Kawasaki FR691V-BS07
Kawasaki FR691V-BS08
Kawasaki FR691V-BS09
Kawasaki FR691V-BS10
Kawasaki FR691V-BS12
Kawasaki FR691V-BS13
Kawasaki FR691V-BS14
Kawasaki FR691V-BS15
Kawasaki FR691V-BS18
Kawasaki FR691V-BS19
Kawasaki FR691V-BS22
Kawasaki FR691V-BS24
Kawasaki FR691V-CS00
Kawasaki FR691V-CS05
Kawasaki FR691V-CS06
Kawasaki FR691V-CS07
Kawasaki FR691V-CS09
Kawasaki FR691V-CS10
Kawasaki FR691V-CS12
Kawasaki FR691V-CS13
Kawasaki FR691V-CS14
Kawasaki FR691V-CS15
Kawasaki FR691V-DS00
Kawasaki FR691V-DS05
Kawasaki FR691V-DS06
Kawasaki FR691V-DS07
Kawasaki FR691V-DS12
Kawasaki FR691V-DS15
Kawasaki FR691V-ES00
Kawasaki FR691V-FS00
Kawasaki FR730V-AS00
Kawasaki FR730V-AS04
Kawasaki FR730V-AS05
Kawasaki FR730V-AS07
Kawasaki FR730V-AS09
Kawasaki FR730V-AS10
Kawasaki FR730V-AS11
Kawasaki FR730V-AS12
Kawasaki FR730V-AS13
Kawasaki FR730V-AS14
Kawasaki FR730V-AS15
Kawasaki FR730V-AS16
Kawasaki FR730V-AS17
Kawasaki FR730V-AS18
Kawasaki FR730V-BS04
Kawasaki FR730V-BS05
Kawasaki FR730V-BS07
Kawasaki FR730V-BS09
Kawasaki FR730V-BS10
Kawasaki FR730V-BS11
Kawasaki FR730V-BS12
Kawasaki FR730V-BS13
Kawasaki FR730V-BS14
Kawasaki FR730V-BS15
Kawasaki FR730V-BS16
Kawasaki FR730V-CS00
Kawasaki FR730V-CS04
Kawasaki FR730V-CS05
Kawasaki FR730V-CS07
Kawasaki FR730V-CS09
Kawasaki FR730V-CS10
Kawasaki FR730V-DS04
Kawasaki FR730V-DS09
Kawasaki FR730V-ES00
Kawasaki FR730V-ES04
Kawasaki FR730V-FS00
Kawasaki FS481V-AS00
Kawasaki FS481V-AS07
Kawasaki FS481V-AS10
Kawasaki FS481V-AS13
Kawasaki FS481V-AS20
Kawasaki FS481V-AS53
Kawasaki FS481V-BS00
Kawasaki FS481V-BS07
Kawasaki FS481V-BS10
Kawasaki FS481V-BS13
Kawasaki FS481V-BS25
Kawasaki FS481V-BS53
Kawasaki FS481V-CS00
Kawasaki FS481V-CS07
Kawasaki FS481V-CS10
Kawasaki FS481V-CS13
Kawasaki FS481V-CS53
Kawasaki FS481V-DS00
Kawasaki FS481V-DS07
Kawasaki FS481V-DS10
Kawasaki FS481V-ES00
Kawasaki FS481V-ES10
Kawasaki FS541V-AS00
Kawasaki FS541V-AS06
Kawasaki FS541V-AS08
Kawasaki FS541V-AS09
Kawasaki FS541V-AS10
Kawasaki FS541V-AS12
Kawasaki FS541V-AS13
Kawasaki FS541V-AS16
Kawasaki FS541V-AS20
Kawasaki FS541V-AS25
Kawasaki FS541V-AS51
Kawasaki FS541V-BS00
Kawasaki FS541V-BS06
Kawasaki FS541V-BS08
Kawasaki FS541V-BS09
Kawasaki FS541V-BS10
Kawasaki FS541V-BS12
Kawasaki FS541V-BS13
Kawasaki FS541V-BS16
Kawasaki FS541V-BS20
Kawasaki FS541V-BS25
Kawasaki FS541V-BS51
Kawasaki FS541V-CS00
Kawasaki FS541V-CS06
Kawasaki FS541V-CS09
Kawasaki FS541V-CS10
Kawasaki FS541V-CS16
Kawasaki FS541V-DS00
Kawasaki FS541V-DS08
Kawasaki FS541V-DS10
Kawasaki FS541V-ES00
Kawasaki FS541V-ES51
Kawasaki FS600V 18.5H
Kawasaki FS600V-AS00
Kawasaki FS600V-AS04
Kawasaki FS600V-AS05
Kawasaki FS600V-AS06
Kawasaki FS600V-AS08
Kawasaki FS600V-AS09
Kawasaki FS600V-AS10
Kawasaki FS600V-AS12
Kawasaki FS600V-AS15
Kawasaki FS600V-AS16
Kawasaki FS600V-AS17
Kawasaki FS600V-AS18
Kawasaki FS600V-AS19
Kawasaki FS600V-AS22
Kawasaki FS600V-AS23
Kawasaki FS600V-AS24
Kawasaki FS600V-AS26
Kawasaki FS600V-BS00
Kawasaki FS600V-BS04
Kawasaki FS600V-BS05
Kawasaki FS600V-BS06
Kawasaki FS600V-BS08
Kawasaki FS600V-BS09
Kawasaki FS600V-BS10
Kawasaki FS600V-BS12
Kawasaki FS600V-BS15
Kawasaki FS600V-BS16
Kawasaki FS600V-BS17
Kawasaki FS600V-BS18
Kawasaki FS600V-BS19
Kawasaki FS600V-BS22
Kawasaki FS600V-BS23
Kawasaki FS600V-BS24
Kawasaki FS600V-CS00
Kawasaki FS600V-CS04
Kawasaki FS600V-CS05
Kawasaki FS600V-CS06
Kawasaki FS600V-CS08
Kawasaki FS600V-CS09
Kawasaki FS600V-CS10
Kawasaki FS600V-CS12
Kawasaki FS600V-CS15
Kawasaki FS600V-CS16
Kawasaki FS600V-CS17
Kawasaki FS600V-CS18
Kawasaki FS600V-DS00
Kawasaki FS600V-DS04
Kawasaki FS600V-DS08
Kawasaki FS600V-DS09
Kawasaki FS600V-DS12
Kawasaki FS600V-DS15
Kawasaki FS600V-DS17
Kawasaki FS600V-ES00
Kawasaki FS651V-AS00
Kawasaki FS651V-AS04
Kawasaki FS651V-AS07
Kawasaki FS651V-AS09
Kawasaki FS651V-AS10
Kawasaki FS651V-AS11
Kawasaki FS651V-AS12
Kawasaki FS651V-AS13
Kawasaki FS651V-AS14
Kawasaki FS651V-AS15
Kawasaki FS651V-AS17
Kawasaki FS651V-BS00
Kawasaki FS651V-BS04
Kawasaki FS651V-BS07
Kawasaki FS651V-BS09
Kawasaki FS651V-BS10
Kawasaki FS651V-BS11
Kawasaki FS651V-BS12
Kawasaki FS651V-BS13
Kawasaki FS651V-BS14
Kawasaki FS651V-CS00
Kawasaki FS651V-CS07
Kawasaki FS651V-CS09
Kawasaki FS651V-CS10
Kawasaki FS651V-CS11
Kawasaki FS651V-DS00
Kawasaki FS651V-DS07
Kawasaki FS651V-DS09
Kawasaki FS651V-DS11
Kawasaki FS651V-ES00
Kawasaki FS651V-FS00
Kawasaki FS691V 24H
Kawasaki FS691V-AS00
Kawasaki FS691V-AS05
Kawasaki FS691V-AS06
Kawasaki FS691V-AS08
Kawasaki FS691V-AS10
Kawasaki FS691V-AS12
Kawasaki FS691V-AS13
Kawasaki FS691V-AS14
Kawasaki FS691V-AS15
Kawasaki FS691V-AS19
Kawasaki FS691V-BS00
Kawasaki FS691V-BS04
Kawasaki FS691V-BS05
Kawasaki FS691V-BS06
Kawasaki FS691V-BS08
Kawasaki FS691V-BS09
Kawasaki FS691V-BS10
Kawasaki FS691V-BS11
Kawasaki FS691V-BS12
Kawasaki FS691V-BS14
Kawasaki FS691V-BS15
Kawasaki FS691V-CS00
Kawasaki FS691V-CS04
Kawasaki FS691V-CS05
Kawasaki FS691V-CS06
Kawasaki FS691V-CS08
Kawasaki FS691V-CS09
Kawasaki FS691V-CS10
Kawasaki FS691V-CS12
Kawasaki FS691V-DS00
Kawasaki FS691V-DS04
Kawasaki FS691V-DS05
Kawasaki FS691V-ES00
Kawasaki FS691V-FS00
Kawasaki FS730V-AS00
Kawasaki FS730V-AS04
Kawasaki FS730V-AS05
Kawasaki FS730V-AS09
Kawasaki FS730V-AS10
Kawasaki FS730V-AS11
Kawasaki FS730V-AS12
Kawasaki FS730V-AS13
Kawasaki FS730V-AS14
Kawasaki FS730V-BS00
Kawasaki FS730V-BS04
Kawasaki FS730V-BS05
Kawasaki FS730V-BS06
Kawasaki FS730V-BS09
Kawasaki FS730V-BS10
Kawasaki FS730V-BS11
Kawasaki FS730V-BS12
Kawasaki FS730V-BS13
Kawasaki FS730V-BS14
Kawasaki FS730V-CS00
Kawasaki FS730V-CS06
Kawasaki FS730V-CS09
Kawasaki FS730V-CS10
Kawasaki FS730V-DS00
Kawasaki FS730V-DS06
Kawasaki FS730V-ES00
Kawasaki FX600V-AS13
Kawasaki FX600V-BS13
Kawasaki FX600V-CS13
Kawasaki FX651V-AS05
Kawasaki FX651V-AS06
Kawasaki FX651V-AS09
Kawasaki FX651V-AS12
Kawasaki FX651V-BS05
Kawasaki FX651V-BS09
Kawasaki FX651V-BS10
Kawasaki FX651V-CS05
Kawasaki FX651V-CS09
Kawasaki FX651V-CS10
Kawasaki FX651V-DS09
Kawasaki FX691V 24H
Kawasaki FX691V-AS06
Kawasaki FX691V-AS09
Kawasaki FX691V-AS10
Kawasaki FX691V-AS17
Kawasaki FX691V-AS20
Kawasaki FX691V-AS22
Kawasaki FX691V-BS06
Kawasaki FX691V-BS10
Kawasaki FX691V-BS17
Kawasaki FX691V-CS06
Kawasaki FX691V-CS10
Kawasaki FX691V-CS17
Kawasaki FX691V-DS10
Kawasaki FX730V-AS11
Kawasaki FX730V-AS15
Kawasaki FX730V-AS16
Kawasaki FX730V-AS19
Kawasaki FX730V-AS22
Kawasaki FX730V-BS15
Kawasaki FX730V-BS16
Kawasaki FX730V-CS15
Kawasaki FX730V-CS16